During Contagious Communities workshops we utilize a library of over 200 discussion starting videos that stir invigorating deep discussions. Here are a sampling to give you a taste of the discussions that take place during Contagious Communities workshops.

Dr. Brené Brown: Shame & the Fear of Disconnection

Researcher Brene Brown talks about how shame is at the root of much of the disconnection that we experience. Shame is an intensely personal feeling that we are not worthy of connection.

Weary of Appearances

Many believe that no matter what is going on inside we have to bluff like we’re doing better than the rest. That somehow God wants that. Every now and then, someone breaks the code and gets free.

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TrueFaced Two Roads Message

John Lynch delivers the Truefaced Two Roads Two Rooms message found in The Cure. There are two roads at an intersection, the road to pleasing God and the road to trusting God. You can only choose one.

Bruce McNicol, Bill Thrall, and John Lynch work as a team to create these messages of grace that highlight the Original Good News of Jesus.

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Shame & Empathy by Dr. Brené Brown

Dr. Brene discusses the relationships between shame, fear, empathy and disconnection. She talks about why this is an important problem to solve.

Why Do I Hide

Why do I feel the need to hide? John Lynch explores what lies at the root of this issue.

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Truefaced- What Protection Looks Like

Protection is a grace word. It is what happens when we are given permission to love another and help stand with them in their needs. For love is never more than the process of helping meet needs in another. Anything less is just sentimentality. This is story of a dad learning another way of responding when his son fails, a way that eventually brings hope and trust and heartfelt obedience and health.

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Why Do So Many People Struggle To Have Close Friends?

People long for deeply meaningful relationships. However, they also demand a kind of safety that insures that they never experience the pain of rejection or heartbreak. There in lies the rub because the safety we demand and closeness that we crave can’t occupy the same space. Relationships require risk in both areas if they’re ever going to go deep.

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How Important Is It For Us To Know Each Other’s Stories?

We often ask the question, “Why do you have to be that way?” When we understand another’s complex journey, empathy can trump our initial perceptions. Join Dan Allender as he discusses stepping into the shoes of another through understanding their story.

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