Finding Hidden H2O Workshops

The Finding Hidden H2O series of workshops provides individuals and teams with an experience designed to take relationships to a deeper, more life-giving level of connecting. Most attendees find that there is a much better way of living life and connecting with others. We welcome you to join us for one of the upcoming series of workshops.

About The Cure, the core curriculum used by The Hidden H2O Workshop

“The Cure” is a book written by John Lynch, Bill Thrall and Bruce McNickel. It has been adapted by Contagious Communities into a community formation experience where groups learn to become rooms of grace – places where profound, rich caring for each other becomes a reality. Along with lessons from other key community building pioneers such as Brene Brown, Larry Crabb and Dan Allender, the Contagious Communities experience has been life changing for many. Come and experience what for most has become new way of relating and forming friendships.

“There is no other resource that has had such a profound impact on my life, other than the bible, like The Cure! It has literally transformed my thinking about God’s grace that has radically changed my relationships with my wife, my kids, my grandkids and my friends enabling me to trust God and them with who I really am! I truly do see them through a different lens. And it is so much more beautiful than the old lens! The Cure will rock your world if you allow yourself to catch it!”
Dave Dravecky
Retired Major League Pitcher, San Francisco Giants | Author of “The Worth of a Man” and President of Endurance with Jan and Dave Dravecky”

Excerpt From: John Lynch, Bruce Mcnicol and Bill Thrall. “The Cure.” iBooks.

Attend a Finding Hidden H2O Workshop

The Finding Hidden H2O Workshop provides  a rich community development experience.  The community formation events provide a way for  multiple groups to learn and develop skills critical to forming rich friendships.

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