Contagious Communities Workshop: Introduction Videos

The following are videos used by Contagious Communities during the introduction workshop.

Two Roads: An Overview of the Core Message of The Cure

Grand Story:

“What toxin is this that can turn a wide-eyed dream into a grinding drudge?” Excerpt from The Cure. God designed us for so much more than most of us experience. Grand Story asks the question: “What happened to us that caused us to loose the bright optimism we were born with.

Backward Brain Bicycle

The following video illustrates how hard it is to learn to practice something that is backwards to our experience. The challenge with the concepts taught in Contagious Communities workshop is that you are being introduced to a new way of thinking requiring a shift in our basic habits/instincts that guide our living. While it may be easy to understand, practicing it is an order of magnitude more difficult – just like the backwards bicycle.