Contagious Communities: The Cure Chapter 5 Videos

The following are videos used in the Contagious Communities workshops when discussing Chapter 5 of The Cure.

TF13 FORWARD reversed

TF14 GOOD NEWS We Lost it


TO14 How do you find an environment of grace?

TO15 How do I face my own sin?

CA2 Forgiveness Unpacking the Confusion

CA3 Does Forgiveness Mean My Fractured Relationship Is Fully Restored?

All relationships are fraught with a level of brokenness that requires ongoing forgiveness. Listen in as Dr. Dan Allender describes how forgiveness is an ongoing process that invites deepening restoration in relationships marred by our failures at loving well.

CA9 Are We To Forgive People Who Have Not Repented?

We’re often taught to forgive others whether or not they confess their sin against us. Is that biblical? Listen in as Dr. Dan Allender explains the complexities of forgiveness when repentance isn’t forthcoming

CA10 Is Withholding Forgiveness Ever An Option?

CA11 Does Forgiveness Mean I Will Not Feel Hurt Or Anger Any More?

CA12 Does Forgiveness Mean I Need To Forget What Happened To Me And Never Talk About It Again

CA13 What About Forgiving Re-occurring Sins Against Me?

CA14 How Do You Know When You Have Forgiven Someone?

CA63 Can God Forgive Me After All I’ve Done?