Contagious Communities: The Cure Chapter 4 Videos

The following are videos used in the Contagious Communities workshops when discussing Chapter 4 of The Cure.

TF8 Old Me New Me – Jean jacket

TF9 New Testament Gamble

TO7 Is sin management an oxymoron?

TO8 What is the theology of Jesus?

TO9 What is the theology that is often missed by Christs’ sacrifice?

TO10 What would critics discover if they spent time with you?

TO11 Why do we fight for control in our lives

TO12 How do we come alongside someone when we know there is a sin issue?

TO13 Why do so many christian leaders fail

TO15 How do I face my own sin?

TO25 Truefaced- Weary of Shoveling

TO30 Truefaced- Trusting Grace

TO45 What have we discovered about living with shame?

CA59 Since I Still Struggle With Temptation And Sin, Am I Really A Christian?

CA61 What Makes Addictions So Powerful?