Contagious Communities: The Cure Chapter 2 Videos

The following are videos used in the Contagious Communities workshops when discussing Chapter 2 of The Cure.

TO6 How Do You Trust Others and Let Them Love You?

TO32 Truefaced- Making Him Pay Twice

 TO37 Truefaced- Why Do I Hide?

TO38 Truefaced – Weary of Appearances

CA6 How Do I Handle Being Judged By Others?

CA44 How Important Is It For Me To Tell My Story To Others?

BB4a Shame & Empathy by Dr. Brené Brown

In an excerpt from her new psychoeducational shame-resilience curriculum, University of Houston researcher and educator Brené Brown discusses the destructive nature of shame and the healing power of empathy.

OV3 Mr Bean – High Dive 1

OV4 Mr. Bean – Falling from High Dive Board

OV5 The Power of Powerless Communication