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 Hidden H2O 2 in clear

Finding Hidden H2O
A 10-Week Workshop Series
Centered Around the Book “The Cure

Jesus promised life-giving water flowing within our souls as the common Christian experience. Unfortunately, our social practices have turned living water into Hidden H2O. This workshop allows the living water to flow by developing  a deeper way of connecting with others.


Experience breakthrough epiphanies of God’s grace by learning to trust God and others with yourself.

Experience how heart-level connecting develops the brain, energizes the soul, and infuses spiritual vitality that sets us free in ways that few have imagined.

Our society is dominated by superficial relationships where mask-wearing and pretense are common social practices. Our social norms work against the formation of rich community and the trust needed for living waters to flow. Our cultural practices prevent the vital connecting that scripture teaches ought to be normal amongst communities of believers. Without deep connecting, living water remains hidden.

Come as a group or individually for a life changing experience.

  • At Riverwood Church Community: Weekly (10 week series)
    • Starting weekly  Thursday Sept 21, 2017, 7:00 – 9:00 pm,
      at  Riverwood Church “Factory” Location, 257 Riverton Ave
    • Starting January 2017 – Date to be determined
    • Starting March 2017 – Dates to be determined

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