Why Focus on Community?

Belonging, being known, experiencing protection from others so that relationships become really safe are all core longings that we as humans thirst for. Sadly we live in a society where individualism, autonomy and not needing others are prevalent strategies for achieving success. Our current NA culture has become like a virus destroying the vitality of the Christian faith.

For many the idea that such a community could exist is a lost hope. We hear talks about love and care and then experience just the opposite. We know a rich relational world exits, and that it’s very different from what we typically experience. So how does one discover the community we long for?
Video from www.truefaced.com

So How Do We Get There?

Traditional approaches to community building does not work. Teaching it from the platform might change the way we think about it, but it does not build new relational habits. Putting people in small groups is very inconsistent in outcomes. Being together more often helps, but being together with poor relational habits often does more harm than good. So how do we get there?

Contagious Communities provides events in which multiple groups can be coached and guided into rich community and deeper spiritual health. Rather than a dominantly educational process the journey is more about experiencing and developing trust, hope, humility. hearing and vulnerability. These relationship practices and habits enable the quality of relationships to become richer. The journey involves maturing in both horizontal (human relationships) and vertical (knowing God better) relational practices. The challenge is: we must grow spiritually so we can grow relationally and we must grow relationally so we can grow spiritually. Our workshops provide environments where both  relational and spiritual growth happens concurently.

This provides outcomes most have never experienced. Because the spiritual maturing process is highly relational, tying to mature without growing relationally is impossible hard. Maturing through rich relational living where others know me and partner with me in the movement of my heart towards God and others is absolutly liberating.  Growing through the formation of rich community provides a path that makes is easy for group practices to mature and foster growth on the following fronts:

  • Discovering and developing grace and acceptance as the dominant ethos within the community
  • Learning together to increasingly trust God and others to know, encourage and strengthen me
  • Learning together to actively trust (have faith) that unleashes the Christ life within each of us as the transforming energy of life
  • Shifting our self image from being rooted in self effort and accomplishments to being grounded in the new life birthed in us through Christ. This new self image orientation completely changes the community’s foundation for worthiness and acceptance
  • Pursuing and growing in unity as the strategically critical  dimension that must grow in order for us to be healthy spiritually
  • Belonging to each other and owning kingdom purposes that foster a missional intensity and passion tied to realizing the “Hope” of the gospel

Sample Group Learning Videos

The above video is a sample discussion starter used in our workshops to provide a rich community formation experience. The approach enables groups to grow new skills and habits around the way they connect and relate. The whole process, guided by a series of learning videos, enables groups to build new levels of trust and experience a richer way of relating based on insightful discoveries affecting how we connect. Over time a new set of relational skills develop. Short videos from exceptional teachers & researchers establish the context for discussion. Guided discussions make it easy to talk in new ways. Over time the discussions lead to a new set of relational skills within table groups.

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