Life Changing Outcomes

Spiritual growth in North America is primarily focused on the individual. In scripture it is primarily focused on the community: how we love, how well we connect, our devotion to one another etc.

This failure of focus on community makes the development of deep spirituality almost impossible. We believe the beauty of the kingdom lifestyle taught by Jesus is unveiled and contagiously attractive when our focus shifts to developing rich community practices. This was Jesus’s hope for community – to have a beauty that would compel the world to believe.(John 17) This beauty is revealed and made visible in community practices that are rooted in kingdom principles. When done well the community character will manifest the following:

  • A love drenched community that makes it obvious that they are Christ followers
  • A pervasive humility that acknowledges how deeply we need each other and recognizes how autonomous independent living harms our souls
  • A passion and excitement over the constant unfolding of new revelations and insights that are triggered by the kingdom relational lifestyle. 1 Tim 6:18-19 talks about a lifestyle that is essential so that: they may take hold of that which is truly life
  • A Trinity-like oneness becomes normal and creates an awareness in all that we are deeply loved and cherished by our divine creator.
  • A much deeper, richer, passionate understanding of God’s mystery-Christ emerges- a knowledge that is only possible when hearts are knit together in love; a knowledge that unleashes a level of wisdom that is capable of resolving previously unsolvable problems
  • A vulnerability and open acknowledgement of our brokenness and the weakness of the flesh becomes pervasive. Weaknesses are known by trusted others and as they are seen we become more loved and safer as protection is provided from others who know us.

Stories of How Rich Community Has Changed People

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Why it Works

It’s simple, but it requires a major shift in thinking about how believers are discipled and how maturity is developed. The sub links on this page will walk you through an introduction on why a focus on building contagious communities works and the shift in focus and approach that is needed to get there.