Why We Exist

We exist to help build communities with the abilities to empathize, connect, act authentically, belong, love and share life together with deep purpose and without shame.

North American society teaches a lifestyle that leaves most relationally empty: lots of “friends” but not really known by others. It is time to put an end to this madness.

Contagious Communities designs and provides experiences where  groups learn together to become the community we all long for. By growing together in our understanding of each other’s story, and our abilities to engage with humility, vulnerability, authenticity, courage, and grace, communities emerge that satisfy our deep soul-thirst for rich community. We guide groups down paths that not only make rich community possible, but where achieving it produces environments that are contagiously life changing!

Something’s Missing

Looking for deep connection with others and a life filled with purpose and meaning? Deeply bothered when it is missing? You’re not alone?

Unfortunately for many, the places that should be most know for connection and purpose (family, Church, marriage, work), have become the places where deep connection never happens.


Video produced by www.truefaced.com

Jesus spoke of an abundant life: a life of joy, filled with great purpose, well connected with God and well connected with others; a life where loving others and being profoundly loved was at the heart of the Christian experience.  Unfortunately, this is absent from the experience of many Christians. We believe the health of a Church is determined by the dynamics around which believers gather and connect with each other. This connection process determines how most are transformed. Mature spirituality develops within communities that foster a relational lifestyle where oneness, love, joy, hope and heart connection are a priority and constantly improving.